Ohio State Football: Why college football is so important 

The world of sports may seem to be at a standstill, but one area remains strong — college football. It’s the most special of them all because of its impact on society.

Some say college football is the greatest sport the world has to offer. While others say it’s just a proximity sport with select hot-spot locations. We often hear the game is only loved in the south. Also in states such as Texas or Ohio where the passion runs deep.

The truth is college football is loved throughout the world, but maybe just not by as many people as the NFL or the various soccer leagues. However, it’s not the amount of fans that makes college football special. It’s the effect it has on those who love the game.

Passion and pageantry fill the air each fall Saturday as kickoff nears. There isn’t a feeling that compares to the jumping up and down with 100,000 of your closest friends cheering on your favorite team. Everyone in that stadium stands united behind the love for their team and the obsession for a victory.

There’s something special about the agreement, but that bond between neighbors gets even more incredible when it strings together even the most bitter of rivals. Each person’s differences are put aside and the coalition is instantly formed because of a game between two teams.

Ask any fan of the Ohio State Buckeyes or Michigan Wolverines how they feel about the other. The hatred abides by respect and breeds brotherhood. Strangers find a common interest within each other because of college football.

The Ohio State-Michigan rivalry automatically coalesces one with another and a relationship they didn’t know they shared comes to life.

The tradition rich sport passes rituals and routines from generation to generation. Families create some of their best memories because of the sport.

College football is good for the soul because it’s far more than just a game and runs deeper than fandom. The sport is not limited to a schedule of Saturdays in the fall. College football is a way of life.

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The essence of its importance can be described in its passion and pageantry or even in its tradition. But the real reason college football is important is because it breeds hope to unify a people full of differences and generates kinship. College football is not just a game or a sport. it’s a life-giving, essential part of life that is defined as family.

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