Ohio State Football: Buckeye not winning Heisman is disrespectful

Three players on the Ohio State football team are now Heisman Trophy candidates. At this point it would be disrespectful if a Buckeye did not win the Heisman.

Three Ohio State football players are Heisman Trophy candidates – quarterback Justin Fields, running back J.K. Dobbins and defensive end Chase Young. At this point, it would be a national bias against the Buckeyes if one of them did not win the award.

The last Buckeye to win the Heisman Trophy was quarterback Troy Smith in 2006. After that, the only Buckeye to even finish third in the voting was quarterback Dwayne Haskins last season.

Haskins finished third even though he scored 54 total touchdowns and threw for 4,831 yards in a conference that focuses on defense more than the Big 12 does.

Which, of course is why Oklahoma’s Kyler Murray had inflated stats last year because of the Big 12’s inability to keep people out of the end zone and he ultimately won the award.

Statistically wise though, Haskins was even better than Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa who had 3,966 passing yards and 48 total touchdowns. Tagovailoa finished second though, probably just for the fact that he plays for Bama.

This is in addition to Ezekiel Elliott not even being in the discussion in 2014. Elliott ran for 1,878 yards, 18 touchdowns and accumulated 2,098 yards from scrimmage overall in 2014, helping the Buckeyes win a national title.

Oh, and in week one that year Elliott only had 12 attempts, in week two he only had eight and in week three he only had seven. So, he pretty much did all his damage from week four on. His name was not even mentioned as a being a candidate.

I don’t know what voters were thinking there.

This year, Dobbins is second in the entire FBS in rushing yards with 1,110 yards through eight games. Additionally, out of anyone with 115 carries or more, Dobbins is No. 1 in the country with 7.21 yards per carry.

Those sound like Heisman numbers to me.

Now, looking at Young. This guy is coming off a four-sack game in Ohio State’s biggest game of the year so far against Wisconsin. He leads the entire FBS in total sacks with 13.5, in solo sacks with 12, in sacks per game with 1.69 and in sack yards with 95.

He is a game changer that you can’t even double team. That sounds like a Heisman winner to me.

Now on to Fields.

No, he might not lead the nation in passing but he hasn’t had a chance to rack up huge numbers because Ohio State wins every game by such large margins.

His total touchdown-to-turnover-ratio is what sets him apart though as he has 33 total touchdowns and only one interception. He is the perfect leader of this explosive offense and does not make mistakes.

That looks like a Heisman winner to me.

I get it, LSU QB Joe Burrow has had an outstanding year with 2,805 passing yards and 33 total touchdowns compared to four interceptions, and Oklahoma QB Jalen Hurts has done amazing things in that conference with no defense.

The Ohio State Buckeyes have been the most dominant team in college football though, and Dobbins, Young and Fields have been three of the best players in all of college football. If a Buckeye does not win the Heisman then the voters just have a bias against the Silver Bullets.