AP All-Time Top Ten: Why They Are Correct, And Guess Who Is No. 1

Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports /
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"5  SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA (974 Points) Total appearances:743, 67.36% of all polls First appearance:1936 No.1 ranking:90 1/2 Championships:Five (last 2004) Best full decade:1970s appeared in 89.86% of polls. Worst full decade:1940s appeared in 47.43% of polls. Poll point:The Trojans were top-ranked 42 times from Dec. 7, 2003-Sept. 21, 2008 under coach Pete Carroll."

USC is the one university on this list that is the epitome of feast or famine. When they have the right coach they are great. When they don’t, not so much. They had mixed success before hiring John McKay as head coach in 1960. He proceeded to win four National titles before leaving after the 1976 season.

John Robinson succeeded McKay and won a title as well. Between the two coaches they produced four Heisman Trophy running backs.

When Robinson left in 1982, the Trojans had a 20 year dry spell. Then Pete Carroll took over as head coach and the Trojans were the first “Team of the Decade” in the 21st century.

USC will be back once they find the right head coach. They have more elite high school talent within driving distance than any elite college football program in the country.

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