Buckeye Clips: Big Ten Champions, Creating Buzz, Busting Brackets


Good Morning Buckeye fans! It’s a great day to be a fan of THE Ohio State University as the Big Ten Champion basketball squad gets ready for the Big Ten Tournament where they’ll take on the winner of the Minnesota/Northwestern on Friday. Coming up today on Scarlet and Game, we’ll name the Fansided Big Ten First Team and Second team, the coach and the player of the year. But now let’s take a look at who is celebrating yesterday’s victory over them damn Badgers. We also have a new addition to the NCAA FanSided Family. Enough blabbin’

Roll them Clips.

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I wanted to win by 50.

-Freshman Center Jared Sullinger

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Bill Livingston of The Cleveland Plain Dealer touches on the Buckeyes this morning and if they are a legitimate title contender. If healthy, there isn’t a doubt that they are the favorites heading into mid-March. Livingston also compares this team to the 2007 squad that fell to Florida in the national championship. One comparison that I find interesting is the fact that the Buckeyes are the Florida Gators of 2011. This is the best lineup, the best at balancing neutral and away competition and anything short of a championship would be a disappointment. Plus, Bill made fun of Bo Ryan. You gotta love it.

Ryan had to feel like Monty Hall, the host of the old game show, “Let’s Make a Deal.” The Buckeyes kept choosing what was behind Door No. 3. OSU made a stunning 14 of 15 shots from the three-point arc in their regular season finale.

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What was amazing was coming in this morning, I got to my office early and the students were camped outside my window there. When players went out to do their early shooting, the coaches came back and said ‘This place is going to be nuts today.’

-Buckeye Head Coach Thad Matta

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Bob Hunter of the Columbus Dispatch writes this morning about the buzz being created in Columbus. The Buckeyes sold out their sixth game of the season yesterday, which is impressive for what many consider a football school. This is a team that is very special and the athletic department knows it. The best part of this article is hearing about the video that played on the scoreboard after Ohio State’s victory.

And the scoreboard staff offered an entertaining video before the game that included a clip of a real badger scurrying away, Ryan appearing to pray and cower in fear and the concluding lines: “The sky is about to fall. Deal with it.” When it ran, the place went, uh, nuts.

“Did you like that video?” grinning OSU athletic director Gene Smith said while caught in the crush of fans celebrating the Buckeyes’ 93-65 win on the floor afterwards. “Usually, we are a lot more conservative, but I said, ‘Let it go.'”

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It’s an amazing run for him, and I told the team after the game that we were 14-of-15 from three and Jon apologized to everybody for missing. All of the shots that he shoots, and all of the practice that he does, you know it’s very gratifying to see him shoot like that.

-OSU Head Coach Thad Matta

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The Lantern takes a look at yesterday’s three point barrage through the eyes of Jon Diebler and his time on campus since being a freshman. Consider this, Diebler is 17-20 from three in his last two games. He has become the first player in the last seven games to be the leading scorer in back to back contests. The Buckeyes set the NCAA record for three point percentage in a game at 93% on Sunday. Now it’s about making sure Jon Diebler is getting in 100% of the Buckeye game plans from here on out. He’s more than just a three point shooter now.

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Thanks to the Dispatch for placing a video of the post game party on the court for us fans this morning. Relive yesterday again by clicking on the video and watching it. Can’t help it, still gives me chills. Part one of the season is now in the books, and it’s time to start looking toward the gold now that the Buckeyes have found the treasure chest.

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March Madness is here, make sure you check out our new member to the FanSided Network, Busting Brackets! Blake Lovell brings you the latest in college hoops daily. We look forward to seeing more from the staff and helping out with our hoop knowledge. Awesome Baby! With a Capital A! Busting Brackets Baby! It’s our favorite pastime!