Signing Day Review: OSU Still Owns the Big Ten


What do you get when you combine two defensive studs from one family tree, a future quarterback with the O tattooed on his arm and a bunch of wild Buckeye nuts loading up YouTube to see the best high school prospects in the country?

Well, that sounds a bit like signing day.

This season, the Buckeyes are at it again. Despite allegations and troubles off the field, this class doesn’t upset. There are a bunch of questions heading into 2011, and the continuing improvement of Michigan State, Michigan and Wisconsin haven’t stopped Sweater Vest and company from bringing in the best talent in the mid-west.

Without further ado, get your popcorn napkins ready! It’s time for all the crazy clips of YouTube.  Don’t forget to pick your jaw back up and clean up the drool on the living room floor.

Five Star Recruits:

QB Braxton Miller, (Wayne High School, Huber Heights, Ohio) – Dudes and Dudettes, have you seen this man’s arm? He has the block O tattooed there! (yes, he paid for it). If you have ink that means you have to be good right?

Let’s hope.

Miller will be thrown into the mix early in the season as he has enrolled in classes and will get 15 extra practice sessions in before the season. The Ohio native has made it clear he wants to be a buckeye from the start, but it’s good to officially know that the Buckeyes have their quarterback of the feature.

So what does the future look like? Miller is considered a top level athlete at his position and is ranked as the number two quarterback in the nation by ESPN. Recruiting writer Craig Haubert believes that Miller has the athleticism of Terrelle Pryor, but at this stage of his career is better in the pocket.

"Pryor was coveted more for his overall freakish athleticism than his pure quarterbacking skills. Miller, who is a fine athlete in his own right and can bring dual-threat skills to the position, is more advanced as a passer and should allow Ohio State to do more in the passing game in the early stages than it could do with Pryor. You might have to go back to the Class of 2002 when the Buckeyes signed Troy Smith to find the last time the Buckeyes landed a QB whose production at the position matched the hype."

Miller is considered to have a big arm despite being a rather smaller player at the quarterback position. The only question everyone is asking is, “Does he have that gritty championship quarterback mentality?” Quarterbacks coach Nick Siciliano thinks so.

"“The most important thing we liked about Braxton was his leadership abilities. He’s very calm and reserved as he’s playing. He doesn’t show a lot of emotion, good or bad, he’s just out there trying to get the job done.”"

Check out These Crazy Highlights:

LB Curtis Grant (Hermitage High School, Richmond, Va.) – Beast. That’s all I got to say. OSU might not be Linebacker U, but there are some names you might of heard of. The Brady Quinn killer A.J. Hawk. The Animal James Laurinitis. Chris “I’ll find you and take you down” Speilman to name a few. Grant has a lot to live up to, but as the number two ranked recruit in the country by several media sources, there is no reason why Grant can’t be a stud in a defensive filled class for the Buckeyes.

He is projected as an outside linebacker, but could eventually fill the gap in the middle.  His coverage ability and quick feet to get to the ball carrier makes him very promising.

DE Steve Miller (McKinley Senior High School, Canton, Ohio) – Another in-state monster at the defensive end position, Miller adds another motor on the defensive front. From’s Ian Kennedy:

Miller does a very good job with his hands of controlling his blocker and discarding him as he recognizes the play. He form tackles like a well disciplined linebacker and rarely fails to wrap up the ball carrier. Strong enough to play on the strong side and occupy a double team from his end spot, but he’s quick enough to blow past a tackle on a pure speed move if he’s left out on an island.

That sounds like a typical Ohio State pass rusher don’t it? How about his makeup though? Miller’s high school head coach Ron Johnson Chimes in.

"In two or three years, I see him still being an edge player, in a nine-technique or five-technique. He will probably play at 255-265-pounds in college, and still have the ability to run and change direction. He has great, thin hips for an edge player, and that’s an offensive lineman’s nightmare. I’m not sure if Ohio State will need him to play early or not, but I think he has the physical ability and the mental toughness to be a factor as a true freshman. Coach (Jim) Heacock will love him because he’s going to listen and respond to every bit of coaching you give him. I coached at the college level, so sometimes a true freshmen will show up thinking he’s going to tear up the college game because of his talent. Steve Miller will show up to Ohio State looking for coaching, and he will do everything exactly as they tell him to do it.”"

Let’s go to the tape.

Four Star Recruits:

CB Doran Grant (Akron, Ohio/St. Vincent & Mary’s) – It was thought that the cousin of Curtis Grant was flying sparty, but the four start corner back is staying in his home state to be part of a solid defensive class. What Grant is known for is his solid coverage skills, as just about every program in the country worth a damn offered him a scholarship. He is far and away the most talented cornerback in this class, and should fit in well with the coaching staff at OSU. Grant played running back, quarterback, cornerback and returned kicks and punts in high school.

DT Michael Bennett ( Centerville HS, Centerville Ohio) – Considered the third best tackle in the class, Bennett played on both sides of the ball in high school, but will focus on clogging the middle on defense as a buckeye. He is still raw on the pass rush, but he uses his motor to get to the pocket. His agility and speed to give him an advantage as well. It’s not often defensive tackles can get to the quarterback out of the pocket as well as Bennett does.

C Brian Bobek (William Fremd HS, Palatine Illinois) – The number one center in the country in this class, Bobek is one of the few elite lineman with experience under center. According to’s Scott Kennedy it’s the fundamentals that make Bobek such a talented recruit.

"One of the few elite linemen in the country that will enter college with experience under center, Bobek has incredibly quick hands and is able to make his snap and get his hands up before the defensive lineman has a chance to react. Very good feet enables him to stay square on his blocks or reach the second level easily. A smart interior lineman, Bobek can often be seen disengaging from a double team to pick up a delayed blitz."

DL/OL Chase Farris Elyria HS, Cleveland Ohio) – Farris is one of the more interesting prospects this recruiting class, because it’s unclear on whether he will make a major impact on offense of defense. His size and frame seems to fit the offensive side of the ball, but only time will tell. One of his major flaws though has been his technique. Something scary to think about if he will be protecting quarterbacks in his future. He features raw strength though, that makes up for it.

DE Kenny Hayes (Toledo Whitmer HS) – Hayes was a top 25 recruit at the position nationally in 2011, but it ultimately could end up that Hayes could up in the middle. He doesn’t pursue the best speed in the world, but his strength and will to get to the football makes him a top notch football player with a will to take over.

LB Ryan Shazier (Plantation HS, FLA) – A former Gator commit, Sazier adds even more to this defensive effort in 2011.  Though he is new to the position, there is a lot of promise for Shazier, as his speed for his size is unmatchable. Right now, he’s ready to rush the quarterback, but he will definitely need to work on coverage situations in the Ohio State defensive scheme. A big add for the Buckeyes.

Here is some of his freakish speed in video form.

Final Thoughts:

This is a sick class yet again for the Buckeyes. In Braxton Miller, you have a quarterback that scouts are already projecting as all Big Ten and an eventual Heisman contender.

Defensively, every position has been addressed.

There aren’t any major offensive names besides Miller, but it looks like the Buckeyes yet again stole the show. Only Nebraska and Wisconsin ranked inside the top 25. The Big Ten still belongs to the sweatervest and his staff.

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