Ohio State football: Thayer Munford will help QB succeed at high level

The Ohio State football team will have a very good offensive line in 2021 led by left tackle Thayer Munford. He will help whatever QB starts to play to his potential.

Ohio State football fans were shocked when Thayer Munford decided to come back and play another year for the Buckeyes. He could have turned pro and probably would have been a third or fourth-round pick. While he could have been a good player already,

Instead, Munford decided to return to Ohio State. He has a real chance to improve his stock into being a first-round pick. He is the best offensive lineman the Buckeyes have on their roster and is certainly the most experienced. Now all that’s left to do is put on some great tape.

To do that, he just has to block for someone other than Justin Fields. Fields was great at escaping the pocket and using his legs to get out of trouble. While whatever quarterback that starts in 2021 will also have decent scrambling abilities, they won’t be as good as Fields.

Munford will be protecting the blindside of the new quarterback. It will be a new challenge for him that can certainly help his stock. The Oregon game is going to be the game that will get scouts looking at him early as he faces one of the premier pass rushers in the country.

Besides benefiting personally, Munford’s strong play could help lead the Buckeyes to a national championship. Protecting whoever is going to be throwing the ball is going to be a big part of the success of this team. Munford is perhaps the most qualified talent in the Big Ten to do that.

If Munford keeps up the trajectory he is currently on, there won’t be any problem with this. He can help lead the charge on the offensive line.