Football Recruiting: Can You Count Out Lecounte?

If you follow the world of college football recruiting, sometimes you just have to scratch your head. Some of the things that go on just don’t make any sense.

The first example here is the recruiting of Richard LeCounte. Lecounte was considered a strong Ohio State lean last summer but never committed. After Kirby Smart was named head coach at the University of Georgia he decided to be a Bulldog.

Now he is considering taking a visit to Ohio State. He says he wants to be sure he is making the right decision. That is not an unusual occurrence for a recruit, but I think he already has made the correct decision.

His father said the Ohio State game Lecounte would attend would be one early in the season because his mother is coming with him and she doesn’t like cold weather. Wanna bet he stays down south?

Moving on, how in the world does Tennessee constantly have a good recruiting class? They haven’t won a national championship since the year after Peyton Manning moved on to the NFL. I think the last one before that was when the Wright Brothers were trying to get their plane off the ground. If there was ever another championship.

The Vols are predicted to be very good every year, but only win between 7 and 10 games. Then the following year, every 4 and 5 star recruit has them in their list of top five schools they are considering playing for. Tennessee must just be a great place to live is all I can say.

Then there is Mike Riley. There is no doubt the Nebraska head coach comes across as the nicest guy in the world. And he is well respected throughout college football and in the NFL. But he really didn’t win all that much at Oregon State in the decade before he took over the Cornhusker job.

Last season Nebraska finished 5-7 in the regular season, but was invited to a bowl game because of a lack of 6-6 teams. The Cornhuskers won the game to finish 6-7. Now Riley is having success on the recruiting trail, especially in the talent rich state of California. He even has a chance of pulling wide receiver Tyjon Lindsey away from Ohio State, and Lindsey’s buddy is quarterback Tate Martell who is committed to the Buckeyes.

I have followed recruiting for more years than I care to admit and there are constantly things like these that come to my attention that make me scratch my head in disbelief. But then I have been married for 35 years, and have had my little Maltese for quite awhile, and I still can’t figure out my wife or Yogi. I guess there are just some things I will never understand.

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