Ohio State Buckeyes Football fan base ranked no. 3 in the nation

Ohio State football fans are among the most loyal in the nation. Sure, making a statement like that is going to bring upon a lot of arguments, and maybe in some cases, rightfully so.

But now, we have proof in writing.

Business Insider recently took a look at the most loyal fan bases in the college football universe, and of all the programs in the country, the Buckeyes’ faithful checked in at no. 3.

Here’s what they had to say about the ranking.

“If you either attended Ohio State or grew up anywhere near Columbus, you know that it’s virtually impossible not to be a diehard Buckeyes fan. Between the ridiculous on-field success, the impressive school traditions and the program’s recent dominance of Michigan, there hasn’t been much to complain about – well, other than how 2013 ended. Ohio State has cemented itself as the team that draws the second-highest number of fans per contest every year- behind only Michigan, because its stadium, nicknamed The Horseshoe, just isn’t quite as large.”

Checking in at no. 1 was another Big Ten school that was represented, the Nebraska Cornhuskers, which looking back over the years and all of their sellouts no matter how they were performing, you can’t really argue with.

But still, you should all give yourselves a round of applause, Ohio State fans. You earned it.

One of the biggest rivalries in college football, Michigan vs Ohio State is this year’s most expensive game on the 2014 NCAA football schedule.

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