Ohio State Football: Buckeyes DE Joey Bosa pulls of a flawless backflip (Video)

Sophomore defensive end Joey Bosa is a rare athletic freak. Ohio State fans found that out first hand during his freshman season in 2013 when he finished up the season with 44 total tackles and 7.5 sacks.

If that freshman campaign was any indication, then his sophomore one upcoming in 2014 might see him land in double-digits in sacks as well as maybe close to 60 tackles.

Again, even talking about such an accomplishment for a sophomore is a huge credit to the athleticism the 6-5, 270-pound Bosa brings to the table, and he recently put that on full display be executing an amazing, flawless backflip during one of his workouts.

Someone that large shouldn’t be able to pull off that feat that easily, but Bosa pulled it off with relative ease.

After what we saw from this young man last year in the Buckeyes’ run to the Big Ten Championship Game, it’s crazy to think that we could see an even better version this year, but that’s what we might be getting.

Like we saw in that Big Ten title game against Michigan State where Connor Cook was allowed to do more work in the pocket than he should have, pass rushing is going to be an integral part of the Ohio State defense this year, but I’m sure everyone is comfortable with the young man above leading the charge.