Ohio State Football: Big Ten players vote Ohio Stadium as toughest venue

While at Big Ten Media Days this week, the guys at the Big Ten Network decided to have themselves a little bit of fun. What they did was they took one player from each team and they anonymously polled them with some specific questions.

Well one of those questions was what the toughest stadium in the conference is, and really to little surprise, the players chose the confines of the Horseshoe and Ohio Stadium as the hands down toughest place to walk in and play.

Here’s how the voting played out.

6: Ohio Stadium
3: Spartan Stadium
2: Michigan Stadium, Beaver Stadium
1: Memorial Stadium (Nebraska)

Now while it’s not shocking that the Horseshoe would be chosen for this distinction, it is a little surprising that Nebraska only got one vote. Memorial Stadium out in Lincoln always seems like one of the most difficult places to play throughout the entire country, not just the Big Ten.

Nonetheless, the Buckeyes took it home with the six votes, showing that the effort the Ohio State fans put in week in and week out is making an impression on virtually every team that walks into the stadium.

Keep up the good work, Ohio State fans. This award is really on you.

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