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[Link] Matt Hayes Fallout from Carlos Hyde Article

Yesterday, we posted a link to a ridiculous article written about Carlos Hyde that expressed Hayes’ dissatisfaction with Hyde being on the field because of his offseason assault charge (which was dropped). Interesting timing on the part of Hayes, as Hyde has been in game action for three weeks now. Well, let’s just say Hayes may be a bit hypocritical- here is a link to an article he wrote about LSU QB Zach Mettenberger, which included this excerpt:

Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to Zach Mettenberger, 2.0. Three weeks into the season, no one is throwing the ball better than Mettenberger, who last season couldn’t be trusted to throw a pass away.

And you know what that means? LSU might just get the national championship it could have — and probably should have — won over the last three years.

2.0? Well that’s because Mettenberger was dismissed from Georgia by coach Mark Richt, stemming from sexual battery charges that were the result of Mettenberger grabbing the breasts and touching the buttocks of a woman at a bar in Remerton, Ga., on March 7, 2010. Interesting that Hyde is the subject of your disapproval Mr. Hayes, but Mettenberger gets a free pass, considering said “video evidence” in Hyde’s assault case did not definitively show him hitting the woman who accused Hyde of the assault. This is not to say Hyde is completely innocent as there was certainly a tremendous amount of poor judgement, however, he was punished for it and served his time dutifully.


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  • bucky16

    I hope you aren’t trying to justify what Hyde did with this article. Also, ever think that Mettenberger 2.0 refers to the fact that he is 2x as good this year as he was last season?

    • buzzbuck

      What did Hyde do. Were you there. There was video I believe. Charges were dropped. Worry about nu

      • bucky16

        Just because charges were dropped doesn’t mean nothing happened. Ben Roethlisberger had his charges dropped, but I bet you still think he raped somebody.

        • buzzbuck

          Does it make him guilty? We will never know who slapped whom or why, history.