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Link: In Wake of Carlos Hyde’s Big Game, Matt Hayes Claims Hyde Should Still Be Suspended

Carlos Hyde was undoubtedly the most important Buckeye on the field saturday night, leading Ohio State back from a 23-13 deficit to push the nation’s longest active winning streak to 18 games after a 40-30 victory in Evanston against Northwestern. Hyde ran for a career high 168 yards and three touchdowns while adding 4 catches for 38 yards. However, Matt Hayes of The Sporting News claims that Carlos Hyde should not have been on the field, citing his three game suspension to start the season. Here is an excerpt from the story:

The man who saved Ohio State’s 18-game winning streak, the man who carried his team in the second half when All-Everything quarterback Braxton Miller couldn’t, is the same man who hit a woman this offseason. And lived to play another day of college football. I wonder if it has been hard for the girl Hyde hit? You know, the girl who suddenly dropped charges against Hyde — even though there was video evidence of Hyde hitting her.

You can read the entire story here. Personally, I disagree with Hayes’ perspective. Carlos Hyde, as he and many others have acknowledged, made a mistake. He served his punishment and he has earned his role as the featured back in Ohio State’s offense. I also disagree with Hayes’ view of the video, but that is another story altogether. Do you think Carlos Hyde should still be suspended, or was the three game suspension a just penalty?



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  • Letterman007

    I have to agree with you, Carlos served his time and he earned his way back, according to coach! It sounds to me like Mr. Hayes is a buckeye hater and there won’t be much anyone can do about that!

  • Brad

    Hayes obviously has a biased opinion against OSU. After reviewing the video, it was evident that the female attacked Hyde and he pushed her away with his open palm. Witnesses claimed the same thing. No new news here. He served his punishment for violating team protocol and fought his way back to a starting position.

    From what this offseason has taught me, Ohio State has a very strict coaching staff that doesn’t put up with any unprofessional behavior. If Johnny Manziel was playing for the buckeyes, I guarantee Urban Meyer would have enforced additional suspensions after his celebrations mocking the “alleged” sale of autographs.

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