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Online Petition Attempting to End Buckeye Student Kickoff Chant


There is a petition posted online in an effort to stop Ohio State’s student section from using the chant during kickoffs. When Ohio State kicks the ball off to their opponent, it is customary for students to shout, “O-H-I-O, rip his (expletive) head off.” From one standpoint, this is obviously distasteful and isn’t exactly the most respectful thing to say. It should be noted Block O frequently leads the chants for the rest of the stadium, specifically the large amount of students in the south stands. This chant is not led by the directors of Block O but rather is picked up and passed along by word of mouth amongst students. Block O, also a student organization, is located in both endzones. Block O directors have been working to remove the cheer from the stadium atmosphere. However, this chant is not used by anyone other than students in the stadium.

Of course, the enforcement of this would be difficult, but Block O is continuing to fight the use of this chant and is hoping students will take the initiative. Ohio State fans are among the classiest in the Big Ten and this chant should not be taken in a serious way. However, it does leave a blemish on Ohio State’s fans due to the obvious negative nature of the chant. Block O has made strides to remove the chant and negative comments from student and is continuing this battle.

Block O’s Director, Jake Bradley, reached out and offered this quote in response to the petition:

 Block O is fully against the cheer and is actively working to stop it. On that note, I fully support your efforts and will work with you in any way to stop this chant. Just please do not deface the organization when we are on the same team. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns. Go Bucks!

Scarlet and Game would like to reinforce that the purpose of this article was to break news about this petition. We do not endorse nor reject said petition.

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  • Tim Jessberger

    Well since Mr. Bloomfield could not take the heat after he spammed this on Facebook, here’s the rundown of the issue:

    This is sportsmanship council’s field. They requested Block “O”‘s help to stop this last year. As their marketing director, I led a crusade against the chant and took A TON of negative response. People like the chant, it’s catchy. It’s hard to stop. To associate this with Block “O” is inappropriate, and to sensationalize the article by spamming it on Facebook is wrong. Yes, the chant is bad for the school, no one can doubt that.

    Bloomfield proceeded to block me after he couldn’t stand by his own work. If you can’t stand the heat, get out of journalism.

    • Justin Boober

      You know what’s bad for the school? Oversensitive, whiny little vagtards who take trivial, frivolous things way too seriously.

  • Josh H

    I really have to disagree with your statement that “it is inaudible unless you are in the student section.” At last weekend’s SDSU game I was sitting in the 37th row (4 rows from the top) of C-deck in section 7 and the chant was definitely audible. I could see disregarding the chant if it was, in fact, only audible in the student section. But, when you can be in the farthest point of the stadium from the student section and make out what is being said I don’t think it should be ignored by the sportsmanship council.

    • Abby H

      You actually weren’t too far from a student section, since they put a LOT of underclassmen in the C deck north stands now.

  • Jimmy Bloomfield

    Nowhere in this article does this say Block O endorses the chant. In fact it says the opposite

  • go bucks

    it’s not just block O that does it, it’s all of the students. and starting a petition to “ban” it won’t do anything. unless the students come up with something else to say, they’ll continue it.

    also…can we not do the buckeye bounce? it’s stupid since literally every other school in the country does it too.

    also…hey Ohio State..put all of the students together, take a lesson from PSU(5 years ago PSU). PSU had the best student section in the country…part of the reason why is because they sat together.
    look at A&M as well.

  • Matt

    I started the petition and did not intend to imply that the Block O student organization started or encourages the chant. I was talking about the students that sit in Block O. I have recently edited the description and apologize for anyone that believed I was trying to deface the organization.

  • OSU90

    Fuck that

  • Alumni12

    There are a lot of worse things that can be said at a football game. It’s a competitive football game, so of course things like that are said everywhere. If we are going to make this suck a big deal maybe we should just go to every single sporting event and do the same, which is so unrealistic. There isn’t much anyone can do but let it go and move on to something more important.

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