Link: First-Hand Media Account of Gun Shots Outside Ohio State Team Hotel

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Mandatory Credit:

This morning, we check out an article by Tim May at the Columbus Dispatch.

Yesterday, there were gun shots fired outside the Oakland-area hotel that the Buckeyes were staying at before this weekend’s matchup against the Cal Golden Bears. The Buckeyes had not yet arrived at the hotel when the shots were fired, but several Ohio-based newspaper writers and TV reporters had, including May.

Here’s an excerpt from May’s account of the scene:

As I stood with several Columbus television reporters and cameramen at the side entrance to the hotel, several shots – at least eight – rang out from around the corner near the main entrance. Seconds later a young man moving briskly and with his right hand clutching something in the area of his belt, ran past us and down the side street.

The full article can be read here:—-arrival-cal.html

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