Jan 28, 2013; New Orleans, LA, USA; San Francisco 49ers offensive tackle Alex Boone (75) speaks during a press conference at the Marriott New Orleans game to discuss Super Bowl XLVII to be held February 3, 2013. Mandatory Credit: Tyler Kaufman-USA TODAY Sports

Alex Boone on Clay Matthews: "I probably would just punch him in the face"

Clay Matthews hit 49ers guard Alex Boone’s quarterback hard after a play last week, and Boone’s not happy about it.

Matthews was hit with a $15,000 fine by the NFL for the hit, but Boone feels another punishment would’ve been better suited for the linebacker.

“I probably would just punch him in the face,” said Boone. “I don’t want his money.”

Boone’s comments redirect attention at the fact that $15,000 is chump change for a star player that also has a major endorsement deal with Suave/Head and Shoulders. While the league would obviously take zero consideration into his alternative punishment, these types of fines are not going to stop the widespread late hit/tackling form fines that players have incurred in recent seasons.

Boone’s coach Jim Harbaugh did not comment on the fines of Matthews, per the instruction of the league.

What do you think? Did Matthews get a fair punishment? Should he have missed game action? Was the hit totally in line? Watch the hit in the video below:

Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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  • CLW

    What the fast action video doesn’t show is the jerking of the face bars. What was said by Staley to prompt the reaction. Staley instigated the retaliation, & added to the confrontation. The fact that 2 SF players were fined also, doesn’t keep them in the running for priesthood. SF fans, coach, & players have a reputation for dirty play. Don’t say it to their face, or they will beat you up, lol. Clay left his feet while Kaps right foot was still on the field. He should of been fined because he launched, instead of just pushing him lightly out of bounds. SF players are denying they did anything illegal. That isn’t what I saw, numerous times. The cheap shot by 2 SF players near the side line on Bush. One from the side, one from the back. A punch to the crotch by Bolin. Double drop on top of Rogers by 2 SF players, while he was face down on the turf. The fact the the league reprimanded the Refs for P— poor calls, says a lot about there impartiality. The same thing happened at the UW-ASU game. Bad things happen to visiting teams when they play out west.

  • CLW

    Look for Boone the Goon to get a fine.

  • CLW

    Only OSU did the B10 proud. Badgers blew their chance with help of the Refs, & bad game by Stave & pass defense.