Jim Tressel Hired as VP of Strategic Engagement for University of Akron

Almost every Buckeye fan around the globe is completely on board the Urban Express, and looking forward to his first year as the head coach at Ohio State.  However, if we turn back the clock just 10 months, Jim Tressel was still our leader.  Sure, by then we were aware of some of his glaring wrongdoings.  At that point, fans developed into their own camps concerning their beliefs about “The Senator,” but most were able to accept his departure, be angry with his inability to discipline when it was needed, and yet still wish him well.

Since that time, he surprised us by almost immediately accepting a position with the Indianapolis Colts in their video review booth.  Recently, he was strongly considered for the head coach job in Indy (some think he was offered and did not agree with certain aspects of the contractual agreement).  And yet, today, I was even more surprised when I read that Tressel had taken a position outside of sports and within an Ohio institution.  Check out ESPN’s article below about Jim Tressel’s new job as the VP of Strategic Engagement with the University of Akron.  And then, please try to explain the duties to me, because I’m still not quite sure what the heck it all means…

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