Why the Fighting Zookers are Fickell's Biggest Challenge

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After detoxing from, and finally getting over a second straight Buckeye gut wrenching loss, I am finally ready to write again. I mean there haven’t been two opposite looking losses like that in God knows how long. I mean, I needed time to heal from those, hence my lack of writing on this illustious space. Just

Luke Fickell and Braxton Miller will have a tall task against the Fighting Zookers

imagine how this young team is handling it. They were up 24-6 Saturday night in a hostile environment, and when Braxton went down they folded like a cheap suit. Yes, Joe Bauserman had alot to do with it. As many of us will agree, the 5th row was wide open, I get that Joe, but did we need to throw to them every time? But that was not the Bucks biggest problem on Saturday night. They had a “crisis of confidence” as Jimmy Carter once said,when Braxton Miller went down and this where Luke Fickell will need to do most of his work this week.It’s time for Luke to earn that money.

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