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For those of you that cannot handle a truthul blog from a fan and alumnus of OSU, I’d suggest that you stop reading right now.  There will be more breakdown, unfortunately, to come in the next day or so from the Scarlet and Game staff, but here are my initial/angry thoughts.  I watched tonight’s OSU vs. Miami game, and am thoroughly disgusted with the team’s play.  We’ve had bad games before, and we’ve lost games before that I felt we should have won.  However, I am now thinking that we’ll be lucky to survive teams like Colorado, Indiana, and Purdue, let alone the teams that actually have a college football pulse.  As you can deduce from the title, I feel that our team this year is a champion caliber team, in the Mid-American Conference, and the following observations have my skin crawling.

Jim Bollman

Is this your first year calling offensive plays?  Do you have any thoughts going through your head that might help in making our team better offensively?  You are currently toying around with a freshman phenom QB and a senior QB with little experience.  Common logic would suggest that you can’t just throw the ball downfield and hope for the best against any teams not name Akron, and yet you called for this type of pass several times.  Sure, the wide receivers (Verlon Reed, Evan Spencer, Devin Smith, and even TE Jake Stoneburner) were AWFUL, but instead of realizing that and adapting, you continued to call horrible plays that did nothing to help Bauserman or Miller gain confidence.  Anyone in the world can tell you that running a few screen passes, slants, short digs or outs can help build a QB’s confidence while also chewing up the field bit by bit.  And yet, you, with your 34 years of coaching experience, failed to do this. 

Jordan Hall averaged 6.2 yards per carry, punishing the defense with his speed and power with the ball, and yet he had 1 carry in the second half?!  He was easily the best offensive player that OSU had on the field tonight, so you did the only logical thing and kept him out.  Sure, I saw him cramp up a bit after his punt return, and if that injury was enough to keep him off of the field for the remainder of the game, then pound the ball with Hyde.  No cute plays or mid-range passes, just power running and maybe a freaking screen or dump pass thrown in every once in a while.  Wake up, call plays that fit your team, or hang up your headphones and call it a night at OSU…I know I wouldn’t shed a tear.

Luke Fickell

My complaints with your efforts are only this: you played hard when you were here, so coach like it.  Buckeye Nation knew that the game was over when Miami had the ball on the 1 yard line with just over a minute left, but crazy things happen in college football.  The fact that you saved your 3 timeouts and let the clock run down to 40 seconds showed me that you are afraid to step up and be an effective Ohio State coach.  Be a leader, make decisions, or get out of the way and let someone else do it.

Joe Bauserman / Braxton Miller

Put on your big boy pants, protect the football, and run the offense.  As I mentioned, you got no help from Bollman on the play calls, and little help from your receivers when the ball was in the air, but you both looked scared and confused.  Give me that game again from the opening kickoff with Todd Boeckman, Justin Zwick, or any other QB that earned his way onto the field as a Buckeye, and we walk away with a two score victory margin tonight.  16/23 for 123 yards, 2 TDs and 2 INTs should not be a winning QB stat line, but when you compare that performance to a combined 4/18 for 35 yards and 1 INT outing it’s amazing that we didn’t have to use some kind of mercy rule.  Be embarrassed, get motivated, and do something about it. 

I’m sorry if I offended any MAC schools with my comparison, but we played a horrible game tonight and if that continues, we will be a middle of the road Big Ten team.  That’s not why I look forward to fall as soon as the bowl games end.  That’s not why I get together with all of my friends, every Saturday, and discuss every current and historical Buckeye stat known to man.  We have a lot of talent, especially young talent, and should be able to work together to win games like tonight’s, but if this is the effort that we can expect, just let me know and I’ll find something else to do with my Saturdays. 

Let me know your thoughts about tonight’s massacre… @AJBorland

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