Holy Toledo!

The writers at Scarlet and Game will have more in depth coverage and breakdowns of today’s game in the next day or so, but I wanted to take just a couple of minutes of vent as a diehard Buckeye and alumnus. 

“A win is a win.”  Yeah, nice saying, and I guess the standings will have us listed at 2-0, just the same as if we’d won by 30 points today.  However, I watched every snap of our 27-22 win, as I’m sure most of you did, and what I saw was not always good.  Sure, there were glimpses of greatness goodness, but I can’t remember the last time that I watched a Buckeye’s victory and was this depressed/unsure afterwards.  I hate hearing boos at our own team in The Shoe, honestly, I yelled at a fellow fan last week in the stadium for booing when we attempted a field goal instead of going for it on a 4th and 1.  On the other hand, I’m not sure that today I wouldn’t have been close to ripping my hair out and booing if I had been there.   


John Simon.  He’s good.  A few Buckeyes got through the line at various times, but Simon was the only one who put any kind of consistent pressure on the Rockets’ O-line.  Don’t forget that they had some 300+ lbs guys up front, but we still should have had more push.  Simon also happened to be the guy that saved our butts (and possibly season) by forcing the errant throw by Owens to end Toledo’s upset attempt.  

Dominic Clarke proved today that he may not have an extra $200 in his pocket like another CB on the team, but he certainly represents the defensive backfield very well.  Sorry if that’s a bit harsh on Travis Howard, who I think will be a great player, but when your own stupidity opens the door for other talented players to step up and shine, that’s a you problem.  Clarke made big plays at big times, including excellent coverage on UT’s last drive on multiple occasions and a high-flying pass deflection that would have been 6 points and possible a loss for OSU. 

Carlos Hyde, Devin Smith, Verlon Reed, and especially Chris Fields again showed that they are certainly capable of providing OSU with some firepower and excitement on the offensive side of the ball (and special teams), barring any miscues from the next few names on my Lowlights list.  Reed and Smith have great hands and each were just a fraction away from making big TD grabs today.  Hyde also showed another gear in his running game when he broke through for his long TD run.  Fields showed on his TD punt return that he can get from zero to 60 faster than my Honda Accord. 

Jake Stoneburner has 8 catches and 4 TDs in 2 games.  For those at home doing the math, that means that he has scored 6 points on 50% of his catches.  He’s a mismatch for LBs, has good hands, deceptive speed, and aside from one big drop today (which I’m sure he’s kicking himself for) he has been a consistent target that we haven’t seen at the TE position for quite some time. 


Too many to list, unfortunately, but here are my biggest complaints…

Joe Bauserman managed to follow up his calm, composed, confident performance with a scared, clumsy, poor showing today.  At very few times did it look like he had ever run this offense, and he made more AWFUL throws in one game than I thought possible for one QB.  I hate hearing him get booed, but he did very little to elicit any positive fan reactions.  This brings up the obvious question of, “When will it be Miller Time for OSU?”  He’s there, he’s ready, and he couldn’t do much worse than his 25 year old counterpart today.  Not sure if Miami is the place for that switch, but unless JBaus makes some significant changes in his game play, his snaps may be numbered.

Rod Smith.  Exhibit A against Akron inside the 5 yard line.  Exhibit B = today’s fumble with under 4 minutes to play in a 5 point game.  Enough said.   

Drew Basil is 0-3 in field goal attempts this year.  That is bad.  As a former kicker, I can appreciate the skill needed to put the ball through the uprights from 40+ yards.  However, I played for a DIII high school, and he plays on one of the premier college football teams, and one that values and takes pride in special teams play.  Start scoring, or become a holder, the choice is yours.


Ok, like a fight with a loved one, I don’t want to say anything else that I may regret, so what were your thoughts on today’s “win?”

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