Buckeyes at the Trade Deadline

While the NFL and MLB are in a fervor to sign and trade players at a dizzying pace this week, we here at Scarlet and Game thought it would be fun to come up with some fictitious trades the Buckeyes could pull off.  Football or basketball, either one is fine.  The only rules here are that the players involved need to be active and the trades need to make sense on some level for both schools.  So as the “GM” of the Ohio State Buckeyes do you want to load up on young talent for the future or use a few high profile incoming freshmen to find that missing piece to a title this year?  Here are some of our favorites and why we think they would work.  Hit the comment section and tell us your favorites and let us know what you can cook up.

Trade 1

    • Buckeyes Get – Dan Persa (QB)
    • Northwestern Gets – Carlos Hyde (RB) and Ken Guiton (QB)

    Why it works for the Buckeyes

    The majority of Buckeye fans are on the edge of their seats waiting for Braxton Miller to lead the next chapter of Buckeye history.  But let’s face it, most freshmen aren’t ready.  This would give the Buckeyes the senior leader/playmaker at the QB position that we lack, because let’s also face it, Joe Bauserman’s only real qualification at this point is the fact that he’s a senior.  This allows the offense to function and flourish this year while Braxton can learn from the sideline, maybe get some PT in garbage time and then be ready for the reigns in his sophomore season.

    Why it works for Northwestern

    Dan Persa has been a very good college quarterback and if everything goes right for the Wildcats they might win 8 or 9 games.  Which for them is a great season but to be honest giving up a season of Dan Persa really isn’t going to cripple the university.  So with this trade they get another young athletic QB in Guiton that simply doesn’t seem like he’s going to get a chance in Columbus and a young potential stud RB in Hyde who has a combination of size and speed at the RB position that Northwestern hasn’t seen since Darnell Autry.  In the end Northwestern gets two solid pieces to build around for the next few years in exchange for giving the Buckeyes a bridge to the next generation.


    Trade 2

    • Buckeyes Get – Justin Blackmon (WR)
    • Oklahoma State Gets – Taylor Graham (QB) & Corey Brown (WR)

    Why it works for the Buckeyes

    With Devier Posey gone for the first 5 games of the season the biggest question mark on the offensive side of the ball is who is going to catch the ball.  This solves that problem and then some.  Blackmon is basically the NCAA version of Calvin Johnson.  Just get the ball in his area and he’ll do the rest.  No matter what QB emerges from summer practice they would have the ultimate security blanket downfield with this weapon.  This gives us a legit number 1 wide receiver and still leaves us with a talented crop of freshmen wide outs in Verlon Reed, James Louis, and company to learn from a great upperclassman.

    Why it works for Oklahoma State

    Blackmon is a huge loss, so to get him the Buckeyes would need to give up a pocket passer that the Oklahoma State offense has been built around for the last few seasons.  Graham fits that mold perfectly, and as mentioned before, Braxton Miller is the heir apparent so playing time in Columbus will likely be slim for this 2nd generation Buckeye.  Giving up Blackmon also leaves a hole at wide out for the Cowboys.  That’s where Corey Brown comes in.  As most Buckeye fans know, it has been well documented that Brown has a world of talent, we just haven’t seen it yet.  The problem is right now he’s THE GUY, and we’re not sure if he’s ready for that.  This gives Oklahoma State a guy they put into their pass happy offense and in a year or two maybe he’ll be the next Blackmon.

    Trade 3

      • Buckeyes Get – Harrison Barnes (F) 
      • North Carolina Gets – J.D. Weatherspoon (F) and Deshaun Thomas (F)

      Why it works for the Buckeyes

      We get Harrison Barnes to play alongside Jared Sullinger.  I think that should about cover that.

      Why it works for North Carolina

      Well, maybe it doesn’t.  Barnes could be the player of the year next year but giving up two talented guys like Thomas and Weatherspoon isn’t something to scoff at either.  Personally, I like Thomas a lot but his inconsistency last  year just about gave me a heart attack.  So, replacing that with a 1-2 punch of Sully and Barnes makes me salivate.

      As “GM” of OSU, what trades would you make to improve the football or basketball teams this year?


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