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OSU Vacates 2010 Season/Bowl Wins

In a story that never ends, Ohio State has done its part, and must now sit back and patiently wait for the NCAA to send down its ruling.  OSU officials responded to the NCAA by self-imposing a two year probation period and vacating all wins, including the Sugar Bowl victory, from the 2010 football season.  The probationary period simply means that Ohio State will suffer more serious consequences if, during that two year period, it is discovered that more infractions are committed. 

If you have been under a rock for the past year, Ohio State has been under investigation for a memorabilia/benefits scandal that has led to the resignation of coach Jim Tressel, and the departure of suspended starting quarterback, Terrelle Pryor (also, LeBron plays for the Miami Heat now, in case you missed that too).  Many people close to this investigation, like the entire state of Ohio, are torn on today’s report to the NCAA…

Various radio hosts are probably on the air right now continuing their discussion as to whether or not Ohio State did the right thing with their report.  Not to mention, comments sections and blogs of every article that’s ever mentioned this scandal are probably filling up with more hatred and incoherent, angry arguments as we speak.  However, if you ask me, OSU did the right thing today.

For any person out there that was even mildly manipulative as a child, today’s report should hit right at home with you.  To me, Ohio State was over its head at a party that it was not supposed to be at, and got busted.  Who would ever call their parents in for a meeting and say, “I know what I did was wrong, and I think that you should take away my cell phone, car keys, allowance, nights/weekends, and ground me for a year?”  Instead, what Ohio State said was, “We’re sorry, but we won’t hang out with those people anymore, and to show you we’re serious, take our cell phone for a month.”  BRILLIANT!

Many people are saying that Ohio State should have shown how serious that the issue is by imposing a bowl ban and loss of scholarships upon itself for the next 2-3 years.  WHY?!  The NCAA’s job is to render the final verdict on the case, and quite frankly, they haven’t been able to find nearly the amount of wrongdoing that the rest of the country and OSU haters would have you believe. 

Did certain students receive tattoos in exchange for their signatures?  Yes.  They are suspended.

Did Terrelle Pryor receive money/benefits for his signature?  Yes.  He is no longer at the University.

Did former coach Tressel keep players eligible after he knew about this situation and allow them to play?  Yes.  He is no longer the coach. 

Is there proof that confirms that players received cars or improper car deals from local dealerships?  NO.

Unless the NCAA comes up with some smoking guns by August 12 that prove that OSU deserves more, I think vacated wins from 2010 is acceptable.  OSU and the players did nothing to better their situation on the field, so a loss of scholarships, in my opinion, is too much.  Tressel and Pryor, the only people involved, thus far, that acted out wrongfully are not a part of the program anymore. 

How will the NCAA respond???

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