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Under the Big Top: Drew Rosenhaus and Terrelle Pryor

A press conference that lasted just around ten mintues featured Drew Rosenhaus doing what he does best for about 95% of the time, and Terrelle Pryor doing what he does worst for 97 seconds.  Talking.

Let’s face it, anyone that has followed the Buckeyes over the last few years knows that Pryor’s biggest strengths do not include eloquence with words.  He was kept away from the media on a regular basis to avoid gaffes and to protect himself, well from himself.  Ultimately it didn’t matter.  As he mentioned today he was sorry for his mistakes, and spoke about doing what he can to be a better person.  The words were the correct ones but you could tell by his delivery, or reading, that he was either nervous or insincere.  But that’s not what I took away from the day’s events.  My mind about Terrelle Pryor and his college playing career has been made up, I know what I saw over the last few years, and I’m sure I’ll be learning more about any of his transgressions over the next few months.

What I thought of most today was this was probably the first “right” move Terrelle has made in the last few months.  Don’t get me wrong.  I’m no fan of Drew Rosenhaus but if you were a talented athlete with a shaky past and questionable skills you would roughly be considered the fixer upper at the used car lot.  You’ve got potential, but no one is going to put a big investment into you.  So what do you need?  A great car salesman.  Like it or not Rosenhaus is the best there is for pro athletes.  Pryor will do what he’s supposed to until the supplemental draft (assuming there is one) and he’ll workout with other Rosenhaus clients.  Stories will leak, like the one today from OchoCinco, that he’s better than expected, he can definitely help an NFL team etc.  Even though every other talking head and opinionated sports personality will say his best chance is to change positions, which I agree with.   Then once the draft date is set Rosenhaus will do his best sales job and probably even hold another press conference or sit down interview for Terrelle so he can show off how much he’s been rehabilitated (read as coached) off the field as well.  Then some team will take a flyer on him.  Will it actually be a 1st round choice like Rosenhaus has projected?  Probably not.  But getting a team to draft him and take him seriously as an NFL QB is a monumental task already.  If there’s any agent that can pull off this circus magic it certainly is Rosenhaus.  Remember he’s the same guy that was able to turn Willis McGahee and his backward fitting knee into a first round pick.

So step right up folks.  The main show is moving towards center stage.


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  • robert ethan

    LOL, it’s lucky Rosenhaus represents athletes and Pryor plays football better than you write, or we would never have heard of either of them. Don’t you have the time to check your grammer and spelling? Rosenhaus has a couple of degrees and Pryor was All Big Ten Academic selection, so I’m sure either of them could write a better opinion piece without too much effort. At least more legible and comprehensible than yours.

    • Adam

      Ironically, Robert Ethan, “grammer” is actually spelled “grammar.” What part of that article was wrong in your mind?

  • Professional Athletes David

    What Pryor did was brilliant! Since he does not speak well, he asked for a professional help in sales talking or in the talking department. Even though Pryor is not good in talking, he definitely have a potential.

  • robert ethan

    Well, it looks like the writer fixed the most glaring errors. It was laughable as it first appeared. I didn’t see Pryor reading from “a prepared statement” the way Newton did. Newton did much worse things and never apologised at all. Matter of fact, he and the rest of the Auburn team were at the freaking White House, while Pryor and Tressel were being crucified in the press. Even though the payoffs in Auburn’s case were ten times greater.

    Terrelle’s words seemed genuine and sincere. I agree with pretty much everything Rosenhaus said in that conference, and have a greater respect for all the parties involved. Pryor, Rosenhaus, and Tressel.

    • Adam Borland

      I don’t think that you’ll get much argument about the Cam Newton debacle on here, at least not from me. The comparison of OSU to USC and Auburn are comical, in my opinion. Unless much more incriminating evidence comes out, we had a few players sell their OWN items for get improper benefits in the form of tattoos. Pryor will hopefully be the lone bad apple in the car scandal, from what the NCAA can prove.

      I agree that his words were probably sincere, but his nervousness and inability to speak in public took away from it. Rosenhaus will be Rosenhaus. He is what he is, and I think he happens to be TP’s best shot at a future in the league.

      I pretty much agree with your thoughts, RE, but I must have gotten to the site after you did because it looked good to me.

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