Bittersweet Resignation: Tressel Steps Down

Turn on your TV at any time today, especially if you live in central Ohio, and you will hear one story: Jim Tressel resigns as the head coach at Ohio State.  As a lifelong, die-hard fan, I would expect to feel worse about this announcement than I do.  I think that the majority of Buckeye Nation will be split on this topic, as well (as I say this, my wife is pacing the house repeating, “I just feel sick about it.”).

Up until a few months ago, I don’t think you could have found a bigger Jim Tressel fan than myself, but as each story broke and more information came out, it became clear that we had been duped.  I thought then, and still believe now, that Tressel is a good person, but he is human, something that we did not realize until recently.  The fact that there is proof and a paper trail leading to his cover-up of the allegations against the suspended players is enough to confirm his guilt.  Let’s face it, selling some merchandise for cash is not the headline here, but lying to cover it up is where this “scandal” jumped onto the national radar.

The senator lead Ohio State to 106 wins and 8 BCS bowl appearances, and will go down as a top coach (I said “a top”, not “the top”) in OSU history.  Let’s not forget that Woody didn’t exactly hand in his resignation letter, he punched a Clemson player on his way out, and we still love Woody above all others.  A lie to the NCAA and University isn’t the same as an on-field confrontation, but maybe someday we will look back and hold The Senator in the same light and be able to break out the black, block O hat and a sweater vest on game days.

In the meantime, let’s cheer on Luke Fickell and the team this fall and hope that this resignation closes the door on the bad name that Ohio State has received this past year.  I do not feel that Jim Tressel is the only one guilty, but unfortunately for him, he is the face of the team and the one that had to stand up and face the consequences for his actions and the school’s misfortunes.

What are your thoughts on his resignation?  Will this put an end to the OSU violations and punishment or is there more to come?

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  • Nic Gruesen

    The NCAA still needs their chunk of flesh. This isn’t over, not by a longshot.

    Our hope is to hire a top-notch coach as quickly as possible and get him into a contract before the NCAA starts dropping the ban-hammer.

  • Zach

    This is good for the University so they can move past this. Ohio State can always find a good coach and it might be a good idea to just go with an interim coach for one year while all of this works itself out.

  • Zach

    Then you could take a shot at Urban Meyer or I would love for you guys to steal Bo Pelini away from Nebraska

  • Nick Hewlett

    I like Fickell, and the team does have enough talent on the roster to still go 10-2 or 9-3. Urban, Gruden, or Pelini would be nice fits, but the job just got a lot less attractive to those guys, at least until we find out the ruling from the NCAA.

  • Zach

    I think its a great idea to go with Fickell. He will have to the chance to build unity within the program.

  • Adam Borland

    Nic – I agree that the NCAA will still try to throw in their best efforts to add on to the situation, if nothing else just to show that they can.

    Zach & Nick – I’m with you on the coaches. I’m a big fan of letting Fickell have a year to test the head coaching waters in the Big Ten. Don’t forget that he is Tressel’s main helper in recruiting. He’s young enough to relate to the HS players on a different level than other B1G “coaches” that began their tenure in FDR’s first term (slight exaggeration). That said, if that doesn’t fly, we should be on the horn with the Meyers, Pelinis, and Grudens.