Breaking Silence

As the lone female contributor on Scarlet & Game, I have been silent for far too long. And well, we all know it is unnatural for a gal to stay quiet for any length of time.

I’ll admit, I have been distracted from the Tressel and basketball disasters as my other favorite team in scarlet, the Carolina Hurricanes, have been battling for a playoff ticket. A battle they are quickly losing.

So, let’s rewind. How did I feel about the Tressel scandal (and I use that word loosely)? Not to answer a question with a question, but do you remember Duck Hunt from the old school Nintendo?

OSU is used for target practice. (Photo via Nintendo)

A red bulls-eye targets a fluttering duck. A hound dog taunts you as he waits to retrieve the fallen fowl. I’m sure you can guess who plays the role of the duck, gun, and dog in the Tressel debacle.

It is the price you pay to be on top. People want to see the big dogs fall, especially if they are consistently on top. The media knows they will sell more stories if they write about OSU versus East Carolina University (my apologies, Pirates). Buckeye haters are like drooling dogs begging for a bone. They can’t wait to sink their teeth into some anti-Buckeye gossip. They exploit the situation as a character flaw for all Ohio State. Haters try to use this as ammunition to paint the school as cheats when in fact there is no need for trickery.

Let’s say Tressel and company had been penalized for the accusations during the season. So what? It is laughable how folks honestly believe OSU would have somehow crumpled into a worthless team with the absence of two players. The main reason our team is successful year after year is based on the fact we plan for the future, not just season to season. There were a handful of stellar athletes that would have filled in for removed players. There will always be talented guys capable of filling any voids.

Now, my reaction to the Buckeye boys losing to Kentucky in the Regional Semifinals by two flipp’in points…I have video here.

You may read more from KP on the FanSided site Cardiac Cane.

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